Tomorrow We Die

This is one of our old time classic originals. Our name at the time was the Mojo Voodoo Gypsies. The singer and bass player have changed, but it's still one of our many originals we have in our arsenal 

Can't Get Away From Me

An earlier performance on Good Day L.A. with Amy Cottone on lead vocals and the dancing of the extraordinary Vintage Belles

S.F. Burlesque Troupe

Some very old footage from the 90s with my old band "The Dorkestra" doing a show at the no longer Chameleon in S.F. with the S.F. Burlesque Troupe

Just a guitar solo

Just footage of the band playing in Bar Melody in L.A.

At Last

Just a short snippet of the band playing with our good friend Courtney

Tomorrow We Die and Can't Get Away From Me

The oldest version of the band playing at the San Genarro Festival in Hollywood, CA


A performance at the now defunct Witzend in Venice, CA

I Wanna Be Down

The old band with Rachel on lead vocals doing a funky version of a Brandy song