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Why Haven't You Heard Us Yet?

Honey Pie Jones is a multi-genre no holes barred, spontaneous band of gypsies, artists, and characters. Our genre defying music can take you from the rawest low-down and dirty gut bucket blues, sophisticated jazz, seductive soul, nasty funk and everything in between. We've been known to surprise even the most jaded audience members. Honey Pie Jones has been playing the L.A. scene for a while under several different iterations and names. We're a band that is constantly evolving.        

Currently the lineup features Lianne Ward on lead vocals and keys, John Abella on guitar, vocals, and keys, Simon Hancock on drums, and Kevin McPherson on bass. We are constantly updating our song list in order to keep the whole performance fresh, fun and spontaneous. we've been known to forego our set list and start creating a jam based on audience participation. Come on out and witness pure unfiltered, unedited and authentic music performed right before your very eyes. We are playing in the local Los Angeles area quite often, so don't miss out on all of the fun!

What's The Skinny?

Honey Pie Jones is a band of ragtag misfit skilled mercenaries. Each member has their own unique background and story to tell. The various stories and diversity helps to create our own unique sound. Our sound is constantly changing and growing. Through our live performance and spontaneity, we build our whole vibe and repertoire. We can and will do everything and anything. Every performance is played as if it is our last. It is almost if as we take you, the audience, on a musical journey, where we eventually will climb right up to the edge, dangle over for a minute and jump right off!

Wait, There's More!

Did I happen to mention that we also host a burlesque show as well? We've been working alongside of dancers for years now. Not only will the music by itself floor you, BUT, there's also an incredible visual aspect of our burlesque shows. We play with some of the best dancers in the business. If I were to post everyone's resume on this here website, I would never get the chance to use my own words and tell you that the shows we do with the dancers is a thing of beauty and something to truly behold. But don't take my word for it. Come on out and see for yourself

Tomorrow We Die

This is one of our old time classic originals. Our name at the time was the Mojo Voodoo Gypsies. The singer and bass player have changed, but it's still one of our many originals we have in our arsenal 

Can't Get Away From Me

Here's another one of our originals done on a local show called Good Day L.A.. As I have mentioned, our band has gone through many personnel and name changes. This video also features a dance troupe we regularly perform with, The Vintage Belles

Blues in the Night

Once again, this was another iteration of our band, the Mojo Voodoo Gypsies. Dancing alongside of us is the amazing, wonderful and talented "Bombshell Belle" from the Vintage Belles

Don't Pay It No Mind

Here's an original song featuring Lianne Ward on lead vocals


Here's a chill original with John Abella on vocals

That's How I Roll

A funky little number a previous singer "Rachel Raspberry" had co-written and sang on with John Abella


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