Bullet With My Name On It

A fun little song reminiscent of the old timey outlaw cowboy storytelling style

Mala Guitarra Rota

A fun instrumental that goes heavy on the drums. This used to be called "The Royal Air Force" after a nickname I gave the old drummer Simon Hancock


A recent tune with Melissa Alesi and Rachel Toczko on backing vocals

Take Me I'm Yours

A jazzy upbeat original, recorded with the Mojo Voodoo Gypsies. Rachel Toczko on vocals, Simon Hancock on drums and Kevin Mc Pherson on upright bass

Don't Pay It No Mind

Featuring Lianne Ward on vocals

You've Had It Coming

An upbeat simple rock and roll piece recently written here in Nashville

That's How I Roll

Another funky fun collaboration with Rachel "Razz" . It's spoken word telling the tale of a futuristic Sci-Fi gangsta robot

Fast Cheap And Out Of Control


A song I used to perform with the old band called the Mojo Voodoo Gypsies updated with me singing lead vocals